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Bouvier des Flandres Dog Breed Description

Learn more about the Bouvier des Flandres dog breed.

Bouvier des Flandres has been always valued as a brave watchman and a good shepherd. In Belgium, France and the Netherlands, this is one of the most beloved breeds, for its impressive appearance it is often called the “Belgian bear”. In Ukraine, the Bouvier is becoming more recognizable and popular mainly due to its success at Dog shows. Bouvier has a very distinctive appearance, you can not confuse it with another breed. The breed manages to look refined, elegant, scaring and intimidating at the same time. These are large dogs, and some males are really huge.

Character of the Bouvier des Flandres

The characteristics of the breed are positive. You just need to treat this dog correctly, respect it and you will be able to raise a true guard. They are calm and do need to be active in moving all the time. Although, on the other hand, the dog likes playing with the owners a lot. The dog is calm and balanced. It could become a real gift to the owners who would manage to train it right from childhood. It isn't messy in the house if treated correctly, on a walk it demonstrates all the qualities that are expected of it. In particular, the Bouvier is famous for its fearlessness and tenacious grip. It feels a responsibility for what belongs to its duties. The dog feels especially confident if the owner is nearby. There is some obstinacy in its temperament, indeed, if the dog does not want to do something, it will not do it. By nature, it is a very loyal and obedient dog. In addition, it is characterized by curiosity and good nature. Its stubbornness is embedded in it by evolution, but you cannot fight it with force. One shouldn't punish a dog for no reason. Sometimes it's fond of fooling around, playfulness and childish features stay by Bouvier all life long. However, you can’t consider it to be a stupid or frivolous dog.

Color of the Flanders Bouvier

The standard allows the following types of colors: gray, fawn, partially black, "pepper and salt", completely black color is also allowed, but not welcome.

Bouvier des Flandres is a dog with a serious appearance, it is powerfully built, compact, has optimal sizes, short loin, and stiff coat. It gives the impression of a very strong dog, and its appearance is not characterized by slowness. It is agile, energetic and courageous, featuring a calm, firm and fearless character. It has a careful and distinctive look that betrays its intelligence, strength, and courage. The dogs have been shepherd dogs and the big help of farmers. This is the perfect farm dog. Its rough coat protects in all weather conditions.

Body type

These dogs have a strong and low body. The chest is wide. Ribs set deep and well curved so that the chest has the proper volume. Dogs are from 62 to 65 cm tall and weigh from 27 to 35 kg.


The breed of Flanders Bouvier is characterized by an optimal and strong physique, this is a low dog with a healthy posture and strong appearance.

The Bouvier should be well socialized, it's better to start at an early age, to avoid the shyness, distrust and excessive unwillingness of strangers (although the breed is commonly indifferent to strangers by nature). Protecting families at risk is not something that needs to be taught or learned. The dog introduces itself as needed. The Bouvier is a good family dog ​​that loves children. The Bouvier is adaptable, obedience can be trained easily when they are young. Their behavior depends on the owner’s ability to communicate what is required from the dog and from the individual level of its dominance. They are usually good with other dogs. They ripen physically and mentally slowly and only at the age of 2 to 3 years completely.

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