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Care of the Bouvier Des Flandres

One can feed pets with both dry food and homemade food. Many breeders feed their puppies with dry food, they believe that a special ready-mad

e food contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and elements, and is also well digested by the dog’s body. If the food is of high quality, without chemicals, dyes, and preservatives, of the premium class, digestion problems would not arise. In addition, this type of feeding does not require additional vitamins and minerals.

Bouvier des Flandres

The feeding regime is important. First puppies need to be fed about five times a day, puppies at age from six to ten months are usually fed three-four times a day, from ten to twelve months - 2 times a day. 1 year old dog can have a single meal.

If you decide to feed your dog with natural food, remember that it must be fresh, high-quality and without chemical additives. The main product is meat. Sour-milk products, fish and offal are also useful. Do not forget about vegetables and fruits. You mustn’t feed your pet with sweets, pickled and smoked products, convenience foods, canned goods, cereals (except buckwheat, rice, and oatmeal), potatoes, tubular bones. It is not needed to enhance the taste, you should not salt the food and add spices.

After feeding, the muzzle of the dog, which has a beard and mustache, should be wiped with a damp towel. The Bouvier is not demanding on the conditions of keeping. It is better to keep such a large pet in a house, but it will also get along well in the apartment if you take it to regular walking, exercise and training. In confined spaces, the Bouvier is always calm and restrained, but a lack of physical activity can affect the health of the animal. Special attention should be paid to the care of its coat.

A coat with a thick undercoat can be slightly cut, so that the contours of the dog's body are emphasized. Do not cut the coat of the dog too short - this will violate its natural sloppy appearance. The pet should be washed as the coat becomes dirty, once a month or at least about once a year. The Bouvier coat should be matte and stiff. If the pet’s coat is a little dirty, it is enough to clean it with a hard wet towel. The dog should be combed at least 2 times a week, the Bouvier should be taught to this procedure from childhood. However, it is better to do this daily. To do this, use a brush and a metal comb. It is good to regularly shorten the hair on the lower part of the paws between the fingers, on the stomach, under the tail, on both sides of the ears, tail.

The coat in the forehead (to the occipital tubercle), as well as on the cheekbones (to the beard line) should be plucked. Thanks to this procedure, the animal's head gets a square shape. The hair between the eyes should not be cut, but it needs to be combed on the face. If it gets into the eyes, the hair can provoke an inflammatory process and suppuration. Therefore, you should inspect the dog daily. Remove the hair from the eyes with a cloth soaked in a weak tea brew. Once a week, inspect and clean your pet’s ears with a moistened cotton pad. Watch the condition of the claws. Pay attention to the hygiene of the teeth, clean them with a special paste and brush every week. Beginning with six months, the dog must run at least 3-4 km daily.

The minimum duration of one walk is 30-40 minutes. Bouvier needs to be taken out 3 times daily. Spend this time not only playing with the dog, but also completing a full-time training, as this breed is very strong. Therefore, on a walk, sufficient attention must be paid to the physical development of the Bouvier. Organize a pet rest area in the apartment. To do this, select a quiet place away from the corridor, heaters and air conditioners, lay a mattress for the dog that matches its size. Learn about the diseases that are frequent to the breed and make sure you prevent your dog from them. The dog must be vaccinated in time by the specialists. Looking for Bouvier puppies for sale? You can visit our Bouvier Kitsis kennel Facebok page.

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