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Training of the Bouvier des Flandres

A dog of this breed must do training. The owner must be confident, strong in character and show the confidence to the pet. The Flanders Bouvier feels best when the owner is next to it. They say about its teaching that "one needs a firm hand in a suede glove." Bouvier is extremely smart, but it has the desire for some independence, sometimes it is quite stubborn. If the dog decides that it will not do something, it will never do it.

You sholud not force it to submit. It is necessary to show endurance, patience when training. The Bouvier des Flandre is playful and cheerful throughout life. But this does not mean at all that it is stupid. The Bouvier in the house is quiet, barking not much. It treats strangers with caution, it is an excellent watchman and defender. It takes care of the children and elderly people of its family, realizing that they are weak and defenseless. The dog needs daily physical activity, without training, it gets bored.

The best solution is when the Bouvier des Flandres lives in the house, but has the space to go freely to the garden. In order to grow a good pet, physical activity is necessary. The Flanders Bouvier is a relatively calm dog, and if the owner does not move, the dog prefers to follow the same dynamics.

Training on a bike, about 3-4 km, when the dog follows it, is a useful option, but not earlier than in the age of 6-7 months. The grown-up dogs will be happy to accompany the rider on a horse, especially since dogs of this breed get along well with horses and cows. Bad weather isn't any problem for the Bouvier, thick coat perfectly protects the dog from extremes of temperature and moisture. The owner of the Bouvier must definitely take time for serious activities with the dog. It can be in a guard or search service.

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