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Vaccinations of the Bouvier des Flandres

The dogs should be vaccinated against several diseases. When to do the first vaccination for a puppy? At the age of 2 months, the first vaccination is given. After the injection, the puppy should not be washed, overfed and taken out. Immunity after the first vaccine is developed within 12 days, this period becomes the most dangerous for the baby. A person needs to take care of the puppy and be attentive to its behavior. After the first vaccination, puppies have a high body temperature, general weakness and diarrhea.

After 3 weeks, a second vaccination is given to the puppy, but with the same vaccine. As a rule, after the second vaccination, the dog feels much better, but within 12 days it needs to be apart from other animals and stay at home. After this time, walks are allowed. At the age of 6 months the dogs are vaccinated against several diseases. It is forbidden to vaccinate if the dog's teeth change. At the age of one year, the dog is given a comlex vaccination. Then the Bouvier should be vaccinated with the same complex vaccine. How to vaccinate a puppy? A puppy should only be vaccinated by a qualified specialist. To give an injection, one needs to measure its body temperature. The vaccine is given in the neck or in the thigh of the dog.

All the vaccinations given by the veterinarian must be recorded in the dog's passport. Thee dogs usually get 10 to 12 years old - this is not much for such a big representative of the breed. The breed is strong enough, but the dogs suffer from some diseases. If you decide to buy the dog, find experienced breeders of the Bouvier Des Flandres. It is not worth risking and getting a puppy from random breeders, especially if the puppy does not have documents. The chances are high that the puppy will turn out to be unbred, having genetic flaws, or an unstable psyche. The average price of puppies varies depending on the country and breeder, it can also depend on titled parents and special characteristics.

The Bouvier is a dog with an unusual appearance, a complex character and a lot of advantages. When deciding to take this wonderful miracle into the family, it is important to take into consideration your strengths and abilities - you must have enough time for the dog - train, care for its appearance. If you do, the dog will become a great friend, defender, and beloved family member.

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